Single-use Disposable Dispensing and Spreading Pipets

These easy to use pipets are designed to meet
the demands of diagnostic kit manufacturers, laboratories, and the clinical market.

Single-use disposable pipets are an ideal method
for dispensing reagents or patient specimens
in diagnostic kits or point-of-care testing. Designed
to deliver the required volume of serum, urine,
plasma or other liquid reagent in one drop, our
unbreakable pipets are safer than using glass.

The pipets have a flat end which can be used for stirring
and/or spreading .

Stock sizes:

Virgin polypropylene 30uL pipets packed in bags of 1,000 and
50uL pipets packed in bags of 500 are usually in stock.

Custom sizes and packaging:

We can custom manufacture pipets in different lengths and to
deliver drop sizes from 10uL to 100uL. Printed pipets that can deliver drop sizes as low as 5 microliters are also available. Pipets
can be packaged in elastic bands, zip-lock bags, tubes, or folding
boxes in various quantities to meet your specifications.

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